Minimize Your Cyber Risk Exposure and Ensure a Successful Insurance Claim

Only one in three organizations have adequate business resilience measures in place to deal with ransomware threats?

Poor security controls are often the precursor to a successful ransomware attack. So, your organization may have cyber insurance, but you could risk a claim denial if your insurers discover that you have failed to maintain adequate security standards.

To prevent a claim denial following a ransomware attack, your organization must practice good cybersecurity hygiene.

Below, we’ve mapped out five ways your organization can minimize its cyber risk exposure.

1. Enforce a strong network security policy

95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error.2 Having a network security policy in place will ensure everyone is on the same page with your company’s cybersecurity hygiene, reducing risk exposure.

What makes a good network security policy?

  • A clear outline of organizational rules such as strong password protocols, multifactor authentication, appropriate email usage, and privileged access management
  • Enforcement for acceptable IT infrastructure and network use
  • Regular security awareness training for employees


2. Continuously monitor your network to identify potential vulnerabilitiesVulnerability Management
Information Technology security is a moving target. To avoid crippling ransomware and data breaches, you must effectively identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities on network equipment, operating systems, applications, and often appliances connected to your environment.

Our Vulnerability Management Solution protects your organization from vulnerabilities that can lead to data loss, compromised identifiable information, regulatory compliance violations, and DDoS attacks. With this cloud-based service, you will have valuable access to a comprehensive continuous security solution. Learn about our Vulnerability Management solution.

3. Ensure endpoint protection

Security teams like yours face an onslaught of rapidly evolving threats daily and a shift to remote work has only increased the number of laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and overall endpoints connected to your network. 

Ensure each of your endpoints are protected with a robust endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that reacts at machine speed, combines threat intelligence for added confidence, and quarantines affected endpoints to minimize service interruptions.

Get There First at machine speed with CyGuard® Endpoint Detection Response (EDR).

4. Implement a proactive approach to email phishing and cloud-delivered malware

The mass use of cloud collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams and Slack, have created an increase in your organization's unprotected entry points.

It is crucial to safeguard your organization with protection from email phishes and cloud-delivered malware that can be hidden in cloud-based URLs and file storage.

Get ahead of every threat with CyGuard® Cloud Collaboration & Email Security - a solution so much more than just email security

5. Actively manage cybersecurity protocols with an MSSP

Most in-house IT teams do not have the capacity to protect their organization from all cybersecurity threats around the clock. Effectively mitigating risks and cyber exposure requires the combined efforts of various individuals across various disciplines across your organization.

A managed security service provider (MSSP) like Digital Hands can help you prepare a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity with end-to-end protection and provide a clear path for ideal cyber insurance coverage.

About Digital Hands

Top 250 MSSP-DH-44

As a new kind of MSSP, Digital Hands is how organizations are getting ahead of threat actors in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of protection. Too many companies invest in cybersecurity solutions, follow the recommendations, achieve compliance … and then still get breached. You’ve got to get to your exposures before the bad guys do. 

To Get There First, you need to:

See More – because you’re working with an innovative partner who’s seen it all before and can see what’s coming next.

Flex More – because you have a composable security model that lets you adapt to changing needs and evolving threats without having to rip and replace.

Do More – because you have the technology and services that not only tell you what’s happening now, but what to do about it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

To learn more about protecting your organization against ransomware attacks and the risks of a cyber insurance claim denial, download the full white paper here or visit digital hands.

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2IBM Security Services 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index; IBM