Why It’s Time for a New Email Security Solution

If your contract with your email security provider is up for renewal, now is the time to take a step back and consider how that provider is performing. As work becomes more disparate in terms of platforms and more connected with external partners, it's imperative to analyze how your provider interacts with all facets of internet security.

You will likely realize that your email security provider is operating with flaws that you might not even know about warranting an overdue change.

Why Proofpoint and Mimecast Can’t Protect Everything

Take some of the most popular email security providers, like Proofpoint or Mimecast. Both work similarly; they redirect traffic through their cloud-based proxy before it reaches your email server. But it's because of that construction that there’s a fundamental flawthey cannot scan for internal threats. With corporate accounts now accessible from anywhere, attackers will try to use stolen credentials. An attacker can impersonate an internal employee using those stolen credentials and Proofpoint or Mimecast will miss it.

Beyond that, they actually disable Microsoft and Google’s default security settings, which are particularly powerful for anti-phishing. You end up relying on one system instead of two, making you more susceptible to an attack, internal or external. Plus, hackers will know that you are using Proofpoint or Mimecast. These SEG-based solutions change your DNS MX record allowing hackers to reverse engineer that and use malware to bypass your settings.

Not only is your email not as secure as you think, but these services only protect email. More day-to-day business activity is moving off of email and into file-sharing, collaboration, and messaging. Office 365 and G-Suite are powerful business tools that allow you to create documents, have multiple people work on that same document from multiple places, and allow for instant messaging. Decisions are increasingly made in these apparatuses, not on email. But Proofpoint and Mimecast do nothing to protect these services, which are all vulnerable to impersonation, malicious files and data, and phishing. Even G-Suite and Office 365 spend most of their energy on protecting email. The more your company moves away from email, the more you need to ensure everything your company touches is protected.

How Our CyGuard® Cloud Collaboration and Email Security Solution Works to Protect the Emails Proofpoint and Mimecast Miss

Our solution doesn’t have the same holes that Proofpoint and Mimecast do. We use API to add security. It lives after the default filters but before the message reaches your inbox. Anything that Microsoft or Google miss? We’ll catch it. Plus, we don’t have the same architectural flaws that Proofpoint and Mimecast have. Our solution connects directly to your API, with no
proxy allowing us to better monitor your inbound, outbound, and internal emails that other services would miss. We can also look into your company’s inbox for previous attacks to help identify compromised accounts. We provide the same protections for the entire G-Suite and Office 365, as well as applications like Slack, Dropbox, Box, or SharePoint. Every tool that you choose to add to our platform is completely untraceable to hackers.

Approaching your Renewal?

You owe it to your company’s security to critically analyze how your current provider is performing. And given some of the inherent flaws to the more popular programs, you owe it to yourself to strongly consider our solution. 

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