White House Urges United States Governors to Tighten Oversight of Critical Infrastructure

In a continued effort to bolster our nation's cybersecurity amid Russia's war against Ukraine, President Biden has called on U.S. governors to enhance their readiness to confront potential Russian cyberattacks by "tightening oversight of their states' critical infrastructure, putting their experts on high alert, and developing incident response plans."1

"Take urgent action to exercise the authority you and your team have to prepare your critical infrastructure to withstand a cyberattack"2

With much of our nation's critical infrastructure privately owned and overseen at the state and local levels, President Biden has urged U.S. governors to take "urgent action to exercise the authority... to prepare [our] critical infrastructure to withstand cyberattacks."3

State leaders should enforce robust cybersecurity standards for the operators of vital infrastructure, follow best practices as laid out in a recent White House Fact Sheet4, and take advantage of the federal infrastructure law including "350 billion in emergency funding... that may be used on cybersecurity, including the modernization of hardware and software."5

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Vulnerability Management

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To avoid crippling ransomware and data breaches, you must effectively identify, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities on your network equipment, operating systems, applications, and appliances connected to your environment. Get There First with vulnerabilities identified and tackled for your protection.

CyGuard® Endpoint Detection Response

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Ensure each of your endpoints are protected with a robust endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution that reacts at machine speed, combines threat intelligence for added confidence, and quarantines affected endpoints to minimize service interruptions.

CyGuard® Cloud Collaboration and Email Security

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The mass use of cloud collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack has created an increase in your organization's unprotected entry points. It is crucial to safeguard your organization with protection from email phishes and cloud-delivered malware that can be hidden in cloud-based URLs and file storage. Get ahead of every threat with a solution so much more than just email security

About Digital Hands

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As a new kind of MSSP, Digital Hands is how organizations are getting ahead of the bad guys in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of protection. Too many companies invest in cybersecurity solutions, follow the recommendations, achieve compliance … and then still get breached. You’ve got to get to your exposures before the bad guys do. 

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