Threat Intelligence Suggests Russia is Preparing Cyberattacks Against the United States

In a recent statement by the White House on our Nation's Cybersecurity, President Biden urged organizations to bolster their cyber defenses amid evolving threat intelligence suggesting that the Russian government is planning to target U.S. organizations with cyberattacks. 

"The Magnitude of Russia's Cyber Capability is Fairly Consequential, and It's Coming"1

President Biden called on private sector organizations to "invest as much as [they] can" in defensive measures like multi-factor authentication, up-to-date security software and tools, secure data backups, and routine patching of systems."

Jen Easterly, director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) reinforced President Biden's warning recommending "all organizations, large and small, to act now to protect against malicious cyber activity".3

The time is now for you to get ahead of the bad guys and implement proactive solutions to bolster your security posture. 

Digital Hands is here to ensure you Get There First

In a threat landscape where speed is critical, you must address your vulnerabilities before the bad guys do... and Digital Hands is here to help.

Rapidly bolster your security posture and readiness in minutes by deploying Digital Hands' services.

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SOC-as-a-Service (1)

With two state-of-the-art Security Operation Centers, 24x7x365 US-Based security experts, and access to our proprietary CyGuard Maestro platform and Harbinger Threat Intelligence feed, you can Get There First with the resources to proactively monitor, analyze, and defend your network against any kind of cyber attack.

Anti-Ransomware Security Bundles

Ransomware Bundles (2)

The fight against ransomware should be proactive, not reactive. Get ahead of every threat with a combination of CyGuard® Cloud Collaboration & Email Security, Endpoint Detection Response, Proactive Threat Blocking, and Vulnerability Management solutions. 

CyGuard® Cloud Collaboration and Email Security

CCES (1)

The mass use of cloud collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Slack has created an increase in your organization's unprotected entry points. It is crucial to safeguard your organization with protection from email phishes and cloud-delivered malware that can be hidden in cloud-based URLs and file storage. Get ahead of every threat with a solution so much more than just email security

About Digital Hands

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As a new kind of MSSP, Digital Hands is how organizations are getting ahead of the bad guys in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of protection. Too many companies invest in cybersecurity solutions, follow the recommendations, achieve compliance … and then still get breached. You’ve got to get to your exposures before the bad guys do. 

To Get There First, you need to:

See More – because you’re working with an innovative partner who’s seen it all before and can see what’s coming next.

Flex More – because you have a composable security model that lets you adapt to changing needs and evolving threats without having to rip and replace.

Do More – because you have the technology and services that not only tell you what’s happening now, but what to do about it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Only Digital Hands gives you this “See more, Flex more, Do more’’ approach. That’s why organizations with some of the most sensitive data of all – such as hospitals, financial institutions, law firms, and government agencies – continue to give Digital Hands an industry-leading CSAT of 98% year after year after year.

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1&2 Statement by President Biden on our Nation's Cybersecurity; The White House
3 Statement from CISA Director on Potential Russian Cyberattacks Against the United States;  Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency