4 Reasons to Strategically Leverage a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)

In 2022, most businesses understand that there is a very good chance that they will come under cyberattack at some point. The most forward-thinking businesses have the right people, processes, and technology in place to mitigate the risk. 

However, for the majority, the complexity and the resources required to build out and maintain a cybersecurity program internally can be overwhelming. Small and medium-sized businesses usually have fewer resources at their disposal to maintain a consistently effective cyber program. 

The problem is that these businesses are just as likely to become the victim of cybercriminals and hackers as much larger businesses. They are also just as likely to suffer from the same reputation and credibility damage if a data breach or cyber incident does occur.

If you find that this applies to your business, then you should start thinking about how best to strategically leverage a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP). When used strategically, an MSSP can reduce the cost, risk, and complexity of modern cyber defense. 

There are several strategic reasons to leverage an MSSP. The best should help you move your business goals forward and add value to your security.

#1- Security Talent Without the Sourcing

Over the last few years, businesses are realizing that they need to invest in cybersecurity and launch their own cybersecurity program. However, it has become difficult to find and retain qualified information security professionals. This phenomenon is what has become known as the Great Cybersecurity Skills Gap.

Because of this, cybersecurity salaries are some of the fastest-increasing salaries in any industry. Of course, these high salaries are not appealing or even feasible for all businesses looking to establish a cybersecurity program.

By strategically leveraging an MSSP, a business sources the talent and skills it needs at a fraction of the cost. MSSPs proactively hire and retain information security professionals who specialize in a wide range of domains. If your business needs a penetration test, MSSPs like Digital Hands will provide penetration testers. If you need vulnerability management, MSSPs will have at least a few of them on their team. This can be valuable for smaller businesses without the resources or network to hire the right talent.

#2- 24x7x365 Monitoring and Protection of your Environment 

Even if a business employs a dedicated cybersecurity person internally, the chances are that they will need to go home at 5 p.m. just like everyone else. The cost of hiring a second person to cover your security monitoring at night will be more expensive than the day shift because of the unsociable hours involved. 

Most businesses cannot afford to have dedicated personnel watch their security 24/7. The problem with this is that the bad guys will probably not show you the courtesy of attacking you when your cybersecurity people are working. 

In fact, hackers often work late at night when they know that fewer people will be watching for them. Leveraging an MSSP to monitor your security at all hours is a smart way to improve your cybersecurity posture. 

An MSSP like Digital Hands has security operations centers that are staffed 24/7/365. The cost of those teams is spread out across multiple customers, making it an affordable way to obtain 24-hour cybersecurity monitoring coverage.

#3- Access Tools & Technology that'll Get You Ahead of Every Threat

The cybersecurity industry contains its own universe of tools, software, and products designed to keep you safe. But if a business doesn’t know which tools are best for their needs and which tools aren’t, it will cost a lot of money to find out

Your MSSP will know the best tools to use for the job. Implementing new technology can be expensive, especially when you factor in employee training. MSSPs draw experience using them in different scenarios. They will even manage these tools for you, enabling you to gain access to the best technology while mitigating the cost by negotiating volume licenses and spreading their cost between customers.

#4- Get Back to your Business

The most compelling reason to strategically leverage an MSSP is so that you and your in-house team are free to focus on the commercial side of your business. When your team is distracted by the complexity of cybersecurity, new threats, and new technologies, they can easily lose sight of your core business goals. 

The business owners who sleep best at night are those who trust that their business is safe and secure. With Digital Hands, you are able to refocus your team on your core business while leaving your cybersecurity to professionals qualified to protect your business. 

About Digital Hands

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As a new kind of MSSP, Digital Hands is how organizations are getting ahead of the bad guys in a world where compliance alone is no guarantee of protection. Too many companies invest in cybersecurity solutions, follow the recommendations, achieve compliance … and then still get breached. You’ve got to get to your exposures before the bad guys do. 

To Get There First, you need to:

See More – because you’re working with an innovative partner who’s seen it all before and can see what’s coming next.

Flex More – because you have a composable security model that lets you adapt to changing needs and evolving threats without having to rip and replace.

Do More – because you have the technology and services that not only tell you what’s happening now, but what to do about it, and how to prevent it from happening again.

Only Digital Hands gives you this “See more, Flex more, Do more’’ approach. That’s why organizations with some of the most sensitive data of all – such as hospitals, financial institutions, law firms, and government agencies – continue to give Digital Hands an industry-leading CSAT of 98% year after year after year.

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